Manche attractions

Top Choice Abbey in Mont St-Michel

Abbaye du Mont St-Michel

The Mont’s star attraction is the stunning ensemble crowning its top: the abbey. Most areas can be visited without a guide, but it’s worth taking the 1¼-hour tour included in the ticket; English tours (usually) begi…
Top Choice Aquarium in Cherbourg

Cité de la Mer

Cherbourg’s art-deco Gare Maritime Transatlantique (Transatlantic Ferry Terminal), built from 1928 to 1933, was designed so travellers could walk from their train directly to their ocean liner. These days it is stil…
Historic Site in Mont St-Michel

La Merveille

The buildings on the northern side of the Mont are known as ‘The Marvel’. The famous cloître (cloister) is surrounded by a double row of delicately carved arches resting on granite pillars. The early-13th-century, b…
Cathedral in Coutances

Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Coutances

The interior of the splendid twin-towered Gothic Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Coutances includes several 13th-century windows, a 14th-century fresco of St Michael skewering the dragon, and an organ and high altar from t…
Church in Mont St-Michel

Église Abbatiale

Built on the rocky tip of the mountain cone, the transept rests on solid rock, while the nave, choir and transept arms are supported by the rooms below. This church is famous for its mix of architectural styles: the…
Windmill in Mont St-Michel

Moulin de Moidrey

Situated up on a hill, this old working windmill dates to the early 19th century and is quite a picture on the way to Mont St-Michel. You can buy flour, cider and wheat on the ground floor of the mill. It's free to …
Cemetery in Mont St-Michel

Brittany American Cemetery & Memorial

Almost 5000 Americans who died during the Normandy and Brittany campaigns of 1944 are buried or memorialised at the Brittany American Cemetery & Memorial, 25km southeast of Mont St-Michel.
Gardens in Coutances

Jardin des plantes de Coutances

These delightful landscaped botanical gardens date to the mid-19th century and include a Cedar of Lebanon, magnolias and a large variety of flowers as well as lawns.
Dam in Mont St-Michel

Barrage du Mont St-Michel

Stop by the dam’s observation platform before you cross the bridge to the islet, from where you can see the workings of the dam over the River Couësnon and look out onto Mont St-Michel beyond; the dam is across the …