Mâcon attractions

Museum in Mâcon

Musée Départemental de Préhistoire de Solutré

The Musée de Préhistoire de Solutré displays finds from one of Europe’s richest prehistoric sites, occupied from 35,000 to 10,000 BC. A lovely 20-minute walk from here will get you to the top of the rocky outcrop kn…
Historic Building in Mâcon

Maison de Bois

The all-wood Maison de Bois, facing 95 rue Dombey and built around 1500, is decorated with carved wooden figures, some of them very cheeky indeed.
Museum in Mâcon

Musée des Ursulines

Musée des Ursulines, housed in a 17th-century Ursuline convent, features Gallo-Roman archaeology, 16th- to 20th-century paintings, and displays about 19th-century Mâconnais life. There's also a section devoted to th…