Gifts & Souvenirs in Lyon

Le Dada Shop

A thoughtfully curated shop with a trove of one-of-a-kind merchandise from elegant stationery to delicate jewellery, along with wall hangings, artful ceramics and other design ideas for the home.
Market in Lyon

Les Puces du Canal

With more than 400 exhibitors showcasing their wares in the northeastern suburb of Villeurbanne, France's second-biggest flea market is a fun place to browse, especially for antiques and furniture. Sunday draws the …
Fashion & Accessories in Lyon

Le Village des Créateurs

Housed in an arcaded courtyard on the Croix Rousse slopes, this innovative cluster of workshop-boutiques showcases the artwork of a dozen up-and-coming local designers. The workshops can be visited by advanced reser…
Fashion & Accessories in Lyon

Monde Ethique

Monde Ethique proves that you don't have to sacrifice style when it comes to eco-friendly gear. Here you'll find messenger bags, wallets and billfolds made from recycled gear as well as vegan shoes, earth-friendly h…
Gifts & Souvenirs in Lyon

Blitz Bazar & Galerie

Blitz is a compact store that's packed with ephemera, including pottery and curious vases, sculptural lamps, one-of-a-kind bath products, writing journals, chunky brooches, and even artwork (head up the spiral stair…
Shopping Centre in Lyon

Pôle de Commerces et de Loisirs Confluence

This vast complex of over 100 restaurants and shops (mostly outlets of major international companies) constitutes the commercial hub of Lyon's new Confluence neighbourhood.
Market in Lyon

Marché St-Antoine

One of Lyon's two main outdoor food markets, Marché St-Antoine is a great venue to stock up on gourmet items, including cheese and charcuterie. It has over 100 vendors.
Market in Lyon

Marché de la Croix Rousse

All the staples of French cuisine can be found in this lively street market: cheese, wine, charcuterie and pastries. A real favourite with Lyonnais.
Arts & Crafts in Lyon

Crafts Market

Along the Saône, artists sell their paintings, sculptures, photography and more.
Market in Lyon

Marché Fermier (Place Carnot)

A great food market on place Carnot, with some 40 vendors selling local produce.