Top Choice Gastronomy in Lourdes

Le Viscos

Ex-TV chef Jean-Pierre St-Martin has established his own gastronomic hideaway in St-Savin, 16km south of Lourdes. Known for blending Basque, Breton and Pyrenean cuisine, as well as his unshakable passion for foie gr…
Tibetan in Lourdes

Lung Ta

This cosy and warmly lit Tibetan eatery is a surprising find in Lourdes. Amid rice-paper lamps, Tibetan prayer flags and a small Buddha shrine, diners tuck into the fragrant dishes from the mountain kingdom. Rich so…
French in Lourdes

Le Majorelle

The restaurant at the Grand-Moderne hotel makes quite a first impression, with its art nouveau architecture, wood-panelled walls and sparkling chandeliers. It’s a sight straight out of a Fitzgerald novel, and the fo…
Basque in Lourdes

O Piment Rouge

Dining out can be decidedly hit-and-miss in Lourdes, which makes this delightful eatery a doubly good find. It serves up delicacies from the Basque Country, including squid cooked in ink, tender stewed lamb and a de…
Market in Lourdes

Les Halles de Lourdes

Lourdes’ covered market occupies most of the square.