Chocolate in Lille

Maison Benoit

Second-generation artisan chocolatier Dominique Benoit creates pralines and other chocolates using traditional techniques and inspired flavour pairings, such as Cointreau and caramel, Bavarian vanilla and cherries, …
Drinks in Lille


Watch the brewing in action at this microbrewery before buying its beers, such as La Dix (a blonde with 10 hops varieties), Wal (Tripel with pepper and coriander seeds) or citrusy Hoppy Yuzu (IPA with yuzu), alongsi…
Chocolate in Lille

Quentin Bailly

Lille native Quentin Bailly makes pralines, truffles, ganache chocolates, fruit jellies and macarons and seasonal creations such an Easter crown of thorns, which are artistically displayed at his contemporary boutiq…
Jewellery in Lille

Bettina Flament

Most of the 60-plus jewellery designers showcased by Bettina Flament at any one time are French, alongside a handful of others from across Europe. All of the contemporary pieces at her boutique are made by hand, usi…
Art in Lille

Guillaume Moisson

Streetscapes and landscapes of Lille along with landscapes of the surrounding region are painted in a contemporary realist style at northern France artist Guillaume Moisson's studio/shop, which is filled with the sc…
Fashion & Accessories in Lille

Maisons de Mode – Lille

Cool, cutting-edge jewellery, clothing and accessories by emerging designers can be found in this cluster of studio-boutiques 3km southwest of the city centre. There's a second location in Roubaix.
Design in Lille


This split-level studio/boutique collaborates with local designers, artists and artisans to create furniture, lighting, stationery, cards, ceramics (sculptures, vases, crockery), cushions and other colourful items f…
Cheese in Lille

Fromagerie Philippe Olivier

Fromagerie Philippe Olivier is an excellent source of perfectly aged cheeses. Regional Hauts-de-France cheeses include Crémet du Cap Blanc Nez, Rollot and Vieux Samer.
Fashion & Accessories in Lille

Maisons de Mode – Roubaix

Studio-boutiques feature works by emerging fashion, jewellery and accessory designers. There's another location in Lille.
Drinks in Lille

L'Abbaye des Saveurs

A beer-lover's dream, this little shop stocks over 400 artisanal brews from both the French and Belgian sides of the border.