Top Choice Pastries in Lille


Famed for its gaufres (waffles) made with Madagascar vanilla, Meert has served kings, viceroys and generals since 1761. The sumptuous chocolate shop's coffered ceiling, painted wooden panels, wrought-iron balcony an…
Flemish in Lille

Le Bistrot Lillois

Dishes both Flemish and French are served here under hanging hops. The highlight of the menu is os à moëlle (marrow bone); Flemish dishes worth trying include carbonade flamande (braised beef slow-cooked with beer, …
Flemish in Lille

Au Vieux de la Vieille

Hops hang from the rafters at this estaminet (Flemish-style eatery), where specialities include carbonade flamande (braised beef slow-cooked with beer, onions, brown sugar and ginger bread) and Welsh au Maroilles (t…
Bistro in Lille

Le Comptoir 44

Prepared according to the motto 'La bonne cuisine est honnête, sincère et simple' (Good food is honest, sincere and simple), the dishes on offer at this rustic-chic bistro change every two or three months as produit…
Modern French in Lille

La Petite Table

Inspired by the 34 countries he visited during nine years in the French navy, chef Arnaud Duhamel – a Lonely Planet fan – prepares both local (Flemish) favourites and dishes inspired by the tastes he encountered in …
Flemish in Lille

La Petite Cour

Serves a tempting array of both Belgian- and French-Flemish staples, meat and fish dishes and salads, in either the atmospheric, brick-walled dining room or the lovely inner courtyard. The menu changes frequently ac…
Market in Lille

Marché de Wazemmes

This beloved foodie space is 1.7km southwest of the tourist office in the working-class quarter of Wazemmes. Open-air stalls add to the fun on Tuesday, Thursday and especially Sunday from 7am to 1pm.
Brasserie in Lille

La Chicorée

Open for dining and quaffing almost 24 hours a day, this hugely popular brasserie and cafe serves a variety of meat and fish dishes, quite a few of them northern French and Flemish, as well as meal-size salads and y…
Cheese in Lille

Fromagerie Philippe Olivier

An excellent source of perfectly aged cheeses.
Market in Lille

Marché Sébastopol

A popular open-air food market.