Operated by Transpole, Lille's bike-sharing scheme V-Lille has 2200 bikes at stations across town.

Tickets & Passes

Public transport tickets (€1.60, plus €0.20 for a reusable ticket) are sold on buses but must be purchased before boarding a metro or tram; there are ticket machines at each stop. A Pass' Journée (24-hour pass) costs €4.80 and needs to be time-stamped each time you board; two- to seven-day passes are also available. A Pass Soirée, good for unlimited travel after 7pm, costs €2.20.

Transpole has a ticket office adjacent to the Gare Lille-Flandres metro station.


In the city centre, metros run every two to four minutes until about 12.30am. Useful metro stops include those at the train stations, Rihour (next to the tourist office), République Beaux Arts (near the Palais des Beaux Arts), Gambetta (near the Wazemmes food market) and Gare Jean Lebas (near La Piscine).