Espace Pagès Maison Verveine du Velay

Drinks in Le Puy-en-Velay

Sip free samples of Le Puy's famous green liqueur and buy a bottle of your preferred drop at this tasting room and boutique. First concocted in 1859 as a digestive tonic, it's a top-secret mix of 32 plants and herbs. These days verveine is glugged across the world as an aperitif or stirred into cocktails (it's delicious with pineapple juice).

Let your taste buds decide between the 55%-proof original, honeyed yellow verveine, a Cognac-strengthened 'Extra' variety, or refreshing citrus-scented 'Petite Verte'.

Espace Pagès is also packed with other regional produce, from verveine-flavoured macarons to tea infusions and condiments.

For a verveine cocktail, continue through the passageway to Pub La Distillerie.

Alternatively, for an in-depth understanding of this green elixir, take a 45-minute guided tour of the distillery, 7km east along the N88 in St-Germain Laprade (summer only).