Top Choice Food in St-Malo

La Maison du Beurre Bordier

The cheeses and butters handmade by the world-famous Jean-Yves Bordier are shipped to renowned restaurants around the globe. Showstopping butters include a sweet butter made with Madagascar vanilla. The shop has an …
Arts & Crafts in Rennes

Édition Spéciale

This specialist shop has a vibrant array of modern art posters, an amazing collection of Tintin figurines in classic and dynamic postures scattered about, collectable Japanese prints and other colourful, eye-catchin…
Chocolate in Vitré


This excellent shop is a peach of a place, either to browse the delectable offerings on shelves, or to marvel at the sheer variety on offer. Easter sees a bonanza of bunnies, but come here at any time of the year an…