Airline in Île d'Ouessant

Finist Air

Finist Air flies from Brest's airport to Ouessant in a mere 15 minutes. There are two daily flights on weekdays (8.30am and 4.30pm from Brest; 9.15am and 5.15pm from Ouessant) and one on Saturdays (8.30am from Brest…
Ferry in Île d'Ouessant


Finist'mer runs high-speed boats from Le Conquet (40 minutes), Lanildut (35 minutes) and Camaret (1½ hours) one to three times per day, with more sailings during the peak season of July and August.
Bus in Île d'Ouessant

Ouessant Voyages

Runs shuttles between town and the ferry dock (€2), and island tours (per person €15).
Car Hire in Île d'Ouessant

Brico Deco

The local hardware store hires out cars.
Airport in Île d'Ouessant

Aéroport d'Ouessant

The island's airport.