Top things to do in Île d'Ouessant

Modern French in Île d'Ouessant

Ar Piliguet

For picturesque, flavour-rich dining, head to Ar Piliguet, beautifully set in a traditional house behind the tourist office. Dishes are packed with fresh, local ingredients – enjoy them on the small terrace or in a …
Island in Île d'Ouessant

Île Molène

Scarcely 1km across, Île Molène feels even more remote than its neighbour Île d'Ouessant. It's carless, virtually treeless, home to a declining population of just 169 people (inhabitants are known as Molénais) and i…
Lighthouse in Île d'Ouessant

Musée des Phares et des Balises

The black-and-white-striped Phare de Créac'h is one of the world's most powerful lighthouses. Beaming two white flashes every 10 seconds and visible for more than 60km, it serves as a beacon for more than 50,000 shi…
Seafood in Île d'Ouessant

Ty Korn

The ground floor of this hyperfriendly and very popular place is a bar serving Breton buckwheat beers (made from the same blé noire as Breton galettes). Upstairs is an excellent restaurant with seafood a speciality.…
Museum in Île d'Ouessant

Écomusée d'Ouessant

Two traditional local houses make up this small but rewarding ecomuseum. One re-creates a traditional homestead, furnished like a ship's cabin, with furniture fashioned from driftwood and painted in bright colours t…
Beach in Île d'Ouessant

Plage de Corz

The best beach on the island, west-facing, to the south of Lampaul.
Beach in Île d'Ouessant

Plage du Prat

Small sheltered beach towards the southern tip of the island.