Top Choice Monastery in Collobrières

Monastère de la Verne

The majestic 12th- to 13th-century Monastère de la Verne perches unbelievably on the hip of a mountain deep in the forest, but with a view to the sea. The Carthusian monastery was founded in 1170, possibly on the si…
Top Choice Church in Les Arcs-sur-Argens & La Motte

Chapelle de Ste-Roseline

A 1975 mosaic by Marc Chagall illuminates this 13th-century Romanesque chapel, 4.5km east of Les Arcs-sur-Argens on the road to La Motte. The church contains the corpse of St Roseline (1263–1329), who was born at t…
Top Choice Historic Site in Lorgues

Abbaye de Thoronet

The simplest in a trio of great Cistercian abbeys (the other two are Silvacane and Notre-Dame de Sénanque), uninhabited Abbaye de Thoronet, 12km southwest of Lorgues, was built between 1160 and 1190. It’s remarkable…
Wildlife Reserve in Collobrières

Village des Tortues

About 20km north of Collobrières, this sanctuary protects one of France’s most endangered species, the Hermann tortoise (Testudo hermanni). Once common along the Mediterranean coast, it is today found only in the Ma…
Farm in Callas

Moulin de Callas

At the southern foot of Callas turns this oil mill, where Nicole and Serge’s family have cultivated olives to make oil since 1928. Learn about olive oil and buy in the on-site shop, which also carries a broad array …
Gallery in Seillans

Tanning-Ernst Collection

Adjoining the Seillans tourist office is this gallery of work by Dorothea Tanning and Max Ernst, who lived in Seillans.
Monastery in La Celle

Ancienne Abbaye de la Celle

This 12th-century Romanesque abbey was recently restored and can be visited by tour (free) only.
Winery in Lorgues

Domaine de l'Abbaye

Excellent wines are produced in vineyards originally cultivated by monks in the 12th century.
Winery in Correns

Château de Miraval

The most prestigious Correns vineyard, Château de Miraval, was a monastery in the 13th century, then legendary Miraval recording studio, where Pink Floyd recorded part of The Wall in 1979. It shut its doors to passe…