Haut-Var attractions

Top Choice Monastery in Massif des Maures

Monastère de la Verne

The majestic 12th-century Monastère de la Verne sits on a forested ridge in the Massif des Maures, rising like an island of honeyed stone in a sea of green. The Carthusian institution was founded in 1170, possibly o…
Top Choice Abbey in Lorgues

Abbaye de Thoronet

The simplest but most beautiful of 'The Sisters' (a trio of great Provençal Cistercian abbeys including Silvacane and Notre-Dame de Sénanque), Thoronet, built between 1160 and 1190, is a masterpiece of sacred archit…
Top Choice Church in Les Arcs-sur-Argens

Chapelle Sainte-Roseline

A 1975 mosaic by Marc Chagall illuminates this 13th-century Romanesque chapel, 4.5km east of Les Arcs-sur-Argens. The church contains a crystal shrine holding the corpse of St Roseline (1263–1329), who was born at t…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Correns

Vallon Sourn

The protected Vallon Sourn, where the swift waters of the Argens have cut a picturesque canyon from the soft rock, is a haven for for walking, cycling, canoeing, wild swimming and even rock climbing (although be war…
Wildlife Reserve in Massif des Maures

Village des Tortues

This sanctuary protects one of France’s most endangered species, the Hermann tortoise (Testudo hermanni) today found only in the Massif des Maures and on Corsica. In summer, the best time to see the tortoises is in …
Monastery in La Celle

Ancienne Abbaye de la Celle

Built over an earlier Christian structure (itself sitting on the foundations of a Roman villa), this 12th-century Benedictine Romanesque abbey has been exhaustively restored and is now well worth a visit. It once ho…
Farm in Callas

Moulin de Callas

Picturesque plantations spread out around this farm at the foot of Callas, where Andrew, Mathieu and Anthony Bérenguier are the fourth generation of an olive-growing dynasty stretching back to 1928. Admire the old w…
Museum in Aups

Maison de la Truffe

Attached to Aups tourist office you'll find this shop selling the 'black diamond' of Aups in various forms (whole, in pastes and pastas). It's also home to the Truffle Adventure, an interactive and multisensory spac…
Gallery in Seillans

Tanning-Ernst Collection

Sharing the Maison Waldberg with the Seillans tourist office is this gallery of work by Dorothea Tanning and surrealist Max Ernst, who lived in Seillans from 1964 until his death in 1976. They bequeathed their colle…
Winery in Lorgues

Domaine de l'Abbaye

Excellent wines are produced using traditional methods, in vineyards originally cultivated by monks in the 12th century. Ring the bell if it seems no one is around during opening hours.