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Top Choice Museum in Grenoble

Musée de Grenoble

It's worth a trip to Grenoble just to experience this grand tour of Western art from the 13th century, which includes 20th-century luminaries such as Bonnard, Calder, Giacometti, Léger, Magritte, Miró, Modigliani, P…
French in Grenoble

La Fondue

Faced with slightly kitsch wood panelling and serving 17 kinds of cheese and meat fondue, this is a great place to warm your insides on a cold Grenoble evening. Raclette and tartiflette round out the Savoyard offeri…
Live Music in Grenoble

La Soupe aux Choux

Going strong since 1982, ‘Cabbage Soup’ stirs live jazz, swing and blues into Grenoble’s after-dark potage, five nights a week. To get there, take tram E to the Esplanade Centre.
Theatre in Grenoble


Grenoble’s most dynamic all-round theatre for drama, dance, music and circus arts. It's situated about 2km south of the centre – take tram line A to 'MC2 – Maison de la Culture'.
Museum in Grenoble

Musée de l’Ancien Évêché

The 13th-century Bishops’ Palace now houses a rich collection tracing the area's development from prehistory, through Gallo-Roman and medieval times to the early 20th century. Underneath place Notre Dame you can see…
Cable Car in Grenoble

Téléphérique Grenoble-Bastille

Touted as the world's first urban cable car system (for sightseers) les bulles ('the bubbles') are a great way to float up to the Bastille, taking in the sights of the city and the surrounding massifs.
Fortress in Grenoble

Fort de la Bastille

Built to defend France against the Duchy of Savoy, its great Alpine rival of the early 1800s, this massive fortress sprawls 300m atop the limestone outcrop dominating Grenoble, incorporating earlier defences. From F…
Museum in Grenoble

Le Magasin – Centre National d’Art Contemporain

A cavernous glass-and-steel warehouse built by Gustave Eiffel has been turned into one of France's leading centres of contemporary art. Many of the cutting-edge temporary exhibitions were designed specifically for t…
Museum in Grenoble

Musée Dauphinois

Occupying a 17th-century convent, this département-run museum has examined the people, cultures, crafts and traditions of the Dauphiné highlands since 1906. Permanent exhibitions in French and English – tracing subj…
Museum in Grenoble

Musée de la Résistance et de la Déportation de l’Isère

This emotive, finely curated museum presents the history of Grenoble's famously vigorous resistance to Italian and then German forces during WWII, and of the deportation of a thousand local Jews – including 80 child…