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Top Choice Food in St-Jean de Luz

Maison Adam

This renowned shop, selling delicious Basque-style macarons (melt-in-the-mouth biscuit-like delicacies), hams and other regional foods, has been trading since 1666 – longer than many a nation has been in existence! …
Chocolate in Bayonne


The window displays at this renowned chocolate shop are practically an art-form. Inside there are 12 grades of plaquettes (chocolate bars) to try, each with a colour-coded wrapper, plus bonbons chocolats (individual…
Chocolate in Bayonne


Founded in Bayonne in 1890, this premium chocolatier sells its chocolate bars in an irresistible variety of flavours: plain and milk, of course, but also laced with vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, coconut and exotic spic…
Food in Bayonne

Pierre Ibaïalde

This is the address to buy Bayonne's celebrated jambon – traditionally served wafer thin, and claimed by locals to be every bit as good as pata negra or prosciutto. There are afternoon tours (in French) of the shop …
Shoes in Biarritz

Les Sandales d'Eugénie

Vincent Corbun continues his grandfather's business, established in 1935, making and selling espadrilles in a rainbow of colours and styles (customised with ribbons and laces while you wait).
Chocolate in Biarritz

Robert Pariès

Scrumptious chocolates and Basque sweets, including canougas (chocolate-covered caramels) and gateaux basques (cream-filled cakes, often flavoured with cherries).
Shoes in St-Jean de Luz

Sandales Concha

The traditional shoe of the Basque Country is the espadrille and here you can choose from a huge range of handmade shoes starting from €12.
Food in Espelette

L'Atelier du Piment

This shop on the edge of the village sells a huge variety of chilli-pepper products, from jams to chocolate.
Homewares in Biarritz


A sumptuous place to shop for gorgeous Basque linens and lively Basque-inspired designs.
Food in Biarritz

Mille et Un Fromages

You’ll find a tempting array of cheeses, wines and pâtés here.