Top things to do in Fréjus

Top Choice Cathedral in Fréjus

Cloître de la Cathédrale de Fréjus

Fréjus’ star sight is its 11th- and 12th-century cathedral, one of the region's first Gothic buildings. Its cloister features rare 14th- and 15th-century painted wooden ceiling panels depicting angels, devils, hunte…
Top Choice Deli in Fréjus

Mon Fromager

Enterprising cheesemonger Philippe Daujam not only sells cheese – he also cooks it into tasty lunches in his deli-style restaurant by the cheese counter and on the street outside. Locals flock for the excellent-valu…
Gallery in Fréjus

Chapelle Cocteau

This was one of the last pieces of work embarked upon by Jean Cocteau (1889–1963), best known for the fishermen's chapel he decorated in Villefranche-sur-Mer. Cocteau began work on Chapelle Notre Dame in Fréjus in 1…
Museum in Fréjus

Musée Archéologique

Fréjus' Roman remains have seen better days, so the town's archaeological museum makes a useful accompaniment. There are some fascinating treasures on display dating all the way back to the town's Grecian and Roman …
Bistro in Fréjus

L'Entrée des Artistes

Brothers Seb and Chris Terrier run this intimate bistro with its pleasant front terrace overlooking a square in the historic centre. The lunchtime plats du jour (€12) and formules (€17.50 including wine, dessert and…
Bakery in Fréjus

Maison de la Tarte

If you’re planning a picnic, stop at this mouth-watering bakery. Tarts of every kind (lemon meringue, pear and chocolate, raspberry and almond etc), sold by the slice, fill the front window and back shelves. Sandwic…
Ruins in Fréjus

Les Arènes

In comparison to some of Provence's other Roman ruins, Fréjus' amphitheatre is a little underwhelming – it was badly damaged during archaeological digs, and some half-hearted reconstruction hasn't quite recaptured t…
Ruins in Fréjus

Théâtre Romain

North of the old town are the ruins of a Roman theatre, where plays, dances and musical performances would have been staged (the gruesome stuff and gladiatorial battles were reserved for the larger amphitheatre, whi…
Ruins in Fréjus

Porte d’Orée

At the southeastern edge of the old town is the 3rd-century Porte d'Orée, the only remaining arcade of monumental Roman thermal baths. The scant remnants merit a quick glance if you happen to be passing by.