Top things to do in Forcalquier

Top Choice Monastery in Forcalquier

Prieuré de Salagon

Situated 4km south of Forcalquier near Mane, this peaceful priory dates from the 13th century. It’s well worth a visit to wander around its medieval herb gardens, fragrant with native lavender, mint, mugwort and oth…
Area in Forcalquier

La Citadelle

To reach Forcalquier's citadel and its little octagonal chapel, it’s a 20-minute walk uphill via shady backstreets and winding steps. At the top there’s a viewing platform offering panoramic views. On the way back d…
Bistro in Forcalquier

Aux Deux Anges

Beside a fountain in Forcalquier's old town, this homespun place is as traditional as it gets. All the dishes are made to timeworn recipes comme à la maison (like you'd have at home) – hearty stews, slow-cooked lamb…
Bistro in Forcalquier

Le Baratin

Downhill from the market square, this small cafe is a popular lunch spot, good for speedy classics like salade de chèvre chaud (melted goat’s cheese salad) or steak with shallot sauce served with rough-cut chips.
Drinks in Forcalquier

Distilleries et Domaines de Provence

In business since 1898, this friendly distillery makes its own pastis and absinthe. Look for the sign marked ‘Espace Dégustation’ and the antique still outside.