Top things to do in Figeac

Top Choice Area in Figeac

Medieval Figeac

Enter the historic centre of Figeac at place Vival, where the tourist office occupies the Hôtel de la Monnaie, an arcaded 13th-century building where money was exchanged. Purchase the excellent leaflet Les Clefs de …
Top Choice Museum in Figeac

Musée Champollion

This museum is named after Figeac-born Egyptologist and linguist Jean-François Champollion (1790–1832), whose efforts in deciphering the Rosetta Stone provided the key for cracking Egyptian hieroglyphics. The mansio…
Top Choice Gastronomy in Figeac

La Dinée du Viguier

Figeac's top table is a must for foodies into creative cuisine incorporating fresh, regional ingredients. Choose between beautifully prepared dishes including lobster, oysters and locally reared duck.
Church in Figeac

Église St-Sauveur

This soaring spot on the Compostela pilgrims’ trail, the 11th-century former Benedictine Abbey church, features the exquisite Notre-Dame-de-Pieté chapel, a 17th-century woodworking masterpiece.
Bistro in Figeac

Le Seth

Climb up to the mezzanine in this ornate and airy townhouse to feast on lamb tajine, confit de salmon and sheep’s milk fondue. They also run an adjacent crêperie, Sel et Sucre.
Bistro in Figeac


This unusual little find offers a choice between a vegetarian dish (cream of fennel soup, Provençal-style polenta) or a Caribbean dish (coconut chicken, spiced pork stew) on the lunch menu, with a focus on local, se…
Market in Figeac


Figeac’s lively Saturday morning produce market takes place under the 19th-century cast-iron arcade on place Carnot, with stalls also filling place Champollion and place Vival.