Opening hours vary throughout the year. We list high-season opening hours, but remember these longer summer hours often decrease in shoulder and low seasons.

Banks 9am–noon and 2pm–5pm Monday to Friday or Tuesday to Saturday

Bars 7pm–1am

Cafes 7am–11pm

Clubs 10pm–3am, 4am or 5am Thursday to Saturday

Restaurants Noon–2.30pm and 7pm–11pm six days a week

Shops 10am–noon and 2pm–7pm Monday to Saturday; longer, and including Sunday, for shops in defined ZTIs (international tourist zones)

More Information

French business hours are regulated by a maze of government regulations, including the 35-hour working week.

  • The midday break is uncommon in Paris but common elsewhere; in general, the break gets longer the further south you go.
  • French law requires that most businesses close on Sunday; exceptions include grocery stores, boulangeries (bakeries), florists and businesses catering to the tourist trade.
  • In many towns and villages, shops close on Monday.
  • Many service stations open 24 hours a day and stock basic groceries.
  • Restaurants generally close one or two days of the week, chosen according to the owner's whim. Opening days/hours are only specified if the restaurant isn't open for both lunch and dinner daily.
  • Most (but not all) national museums are closed on Tuesday; most local museums are closed on Monday, though in summer some open daily. Many museums close at lunchtime.