Eure attractions

Top Choice Museum in Giverny

Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet

Monet’s home for the last 43 years of his life is now a delightful house-museum. His pastel-pink house and Water Lily studio stand on the periphery of the Clos Normand, with its symmetrically laid-out gardens bursti…
Top Choice Chateau in Les Andelys

Château Gaillard

Under Richard the Lionheart's command, Château Gaillard was built with unbelievable dispatch between 1196 and 1198, securing the western border of English territory until Henry IV ordered its destruction in 1603 (it…
Gallery in Giverny

Musée des Impressionnismes Giverny

About 100m northwest of the Maison et Jardins de Claude Monet is the Giverny Museum of Impressionisms. It was set up in partnership with the Musée d’Orsay, among other institutions, and the pluralised name reinforce…
Church in Giverny

L'église Ste-Radegonde

Dedicated to St Radegund, this church was originally built in the 11th and 12th centuries, expanded in the 15th century and then greatly restored between 2008 and 2010. The church is most noteworthy for being the re…
Sculpture in Giverny

Bust of Claude Monet

Fans of the artist may want to visit this bust of Monet, sculpted by Daniel Goupil and gazing out over the fields.