Long-Distance Trail Taster

Corsica’s long-distance trails, especially the north–south, two-week GR20, are legendary. For those who can’t – or don’t want to! – fit two weeks of walking into their holiday, you can get a wonderful taste of the hiker’s life by spending a single night at the Refuge A Sega, and combining two of the island’s most scenic valleys in an easy, two-day itinerary.

Day one consists of a five-hour walk from Corte up the stunning Vallée du Tavignano, following the orange waymarks of the famous cross-island Mare a Mare itinerary, and breaking for a picnic at the Passerelle de Rossolino. Once at the refuge – be sure to book in advance online – take a dip in the nearby natural pools, then enjoy a home-cooked Corsican dinner.

After breakfast on day two, head east to the Bergeries d’Alzu (sheepfold, two hours), before heading down to the Vallée de la Restonica (one hour), and then back to Corte along the scenic D623 (two hours).