Top Choice Food & Drinks in Bastia

LN Mattei

Run by Bastia’s famous distillery, this iconic boutique has the look and feel of a grocer from the 1900s. The enticing array of bottles naturally includes Mattei’s signature aperitif, Cap Corse, while gourmets can a…
Food & Drinks in Ajaccio

U Stazzu

For Corsican goodies, there’s only one address that matters: U Stazzu, famous for its handmade charcuterie and Corsican delicacies (olive oil, jams, liqueurs, honey) crafted by small producers. Owner Paul Marcaggi h…
Arts & Crafts in Bastia

Isula Crea

A fine spot to pick up authentic Coriscan handicrafts, this gorgeous little old-town boutique displays and sells the work of thirty craftspeople from all over the island. There’s everything from jewellery and graphi…
Food & Drinks in Sartène

La Cave Sartenaise

Whether you're shopping for picnics or gifts to take home, don’t leave town without stopping at this Aladdin’s cave, alongside the main square, to pick up charcuterie, cheese, honey, olive oil, biscuits or local win…
Arts & Crafts in Levie

Atelier du Lotus

This workshop-cum-shop, in the village centre, sells gorgeous hand-forged traditional knives, costing from €100.
Food in Bastia

Santa Catalina

In season, fresh Brocciu cheese is among the many mouthwatering local delicacies stocked at this packed, pocket-size culinary boutique.