Top Choice Historic Site in Concarneau

Ville Close (Walled City)

This special walled town, fortified in the 14th century and modified by the architect Vauban two centuries later, sits on a small island linked to place Jean Jaurès by a stone footbridge. Just past the citadel's clo…
Top Choice Museum in Concarneau

Musée de la Pêche

This excellent museum, just inside the main western gate of the Ville Close, delves into Concarneau's seafaring traditions using everything from archive film to scale models and vintage boats. You can even clamber a…
Chateau in Concarneau

Château de Keriolet

This impressive building is an exquisite example of 19th-century architecture. Its intriguing Russian connections are revealed during a guided tour (visits are by tour only). The castle is a well-signed 3km drive no…