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Discovery Flight above Brittany

Join a pilot on a unique flight and share the cost with him. A great way to discover the beautiful landscapes of the charming region aboard a private plane.Your Wingly pilot will happily share with you their passion for flying and take you on an unforgettable trip around Brittany, providing stunning views of Les Glenans, the Phare d'Eckmühl and more.Please note that the flight schedule is subject to changes depending on the pilot’s availability.Wingly is a Flight Sharing platform. This is not a commercial flight but a private flight operated under the European cost sharing rule (EASA). We provide an insurance by Allianz on each flight.Be aware that cost-shared flights don’t have the same safety rules as commercial air transport flights. The risks involved can be higher, as private pilots are not subject to the same level of continuous checks and strict oversight rules from the authority. They still apply safety checks for every flight and are responsible for passengers safety.
1.5 hours