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CHANTILLY, SENLIS, COMPIEGNE - Private day trip from your hotel in PARIS -

One of the most fabulous castle of the Prince de Condé at a few miles from Paris. Our guide will bring you in the medieval street of Senlis and a tour in Compiegne. 08:00 am: meet & greet by your local guide who will be driving its own vehicle. 09:00 am: visit of Chantilly Castle and the Horses stables by your own or the assistance of your guide 11:30 am: en route to visit the city of Senlis and lunch. 02:00 pm: en route to the city of Compiegne. 03:00 pm: Visit of Compiegne and the castle. 05:00 pm : back to Paris 06:00 pm : arrival in Paris
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Chateau de Chantilly & Palais de Compiégne from Paris

Chateau de Chantilly with its finest collection of paintings of France and its miraculous gardens, the inspiration of the gardens of Versailles and the Domaine de Marie Antoinette by André Le Notre. As you indulge the history and scenery of this marvellous chateau, you with be brought to Palais de Compiègne a chateau built for Louis XIV and restored by Napoleon. This was historical place, was one of the three seats of government after Versailles and Fontainebleau. Venez Discover, brings the best out of each place by meticulously crafting each tour exclusively while taking care of our environment. We aim to bring the love, passion and interest for our planet in each tour or service provided to you.
6 hours