Colmar shopping

Market in Colmar

Marché Couvert

Bag Munster cheese, fresh pretzels, pastries, wild-boar saucisson (dry-cured sausage or salami), fresh fruit and veg and more at this 19th-century market hall. It also houses a handful of snack stands selling everyt…
Food & Drinks in Colmar

Chez Thierry

If you aren't hooked by the smell of pungent cheese, you'll be attracted by the rows of saucisson sec (salami) at this terrific hole-in-the-wall deli, where you can try before you buy. Fromage has a regional focus, …
Chocolate in Colmar

Choco en Têtes

Edible art describes this chocolatier’s seasonally inspired truffles, pralines and nougat. Novelties include mini cupcakes and conker-shaped chocolates.
Cheese in Colmar

Fromagerie St-Nicolas

Follow your nose to pungent Munster, Tomme and ripe Camembert. BYOB (bring your own baguette) and the staff will make you a sandwich.
Wine in Colmar

Maison Martin Jund

Head to this organic winery in the heart of the old town to taste home-grown pinots, rieslings and sylvaners.