Wine in Troyes

Cellier St-Pierre

A fine place to purchase bubbly and Aube wines such as rosé des Riceys. The cellar has been used since 1840 to distil Prunelle de Troyes, a 40% liqueur made with sloe (blackthorn fruit) that’s great on ice cream. Th…
Wine in Reims

Trésors de Champagne

Strikingly illuminated by Champagne bottles, this swish wine boutique-cum-bar plays host to 27 vintners and more than 200 Champagnes. There is a different selection available to taste each week. Keep an eye out, too…
Fashion & Accessories in Troyes

Sarah Dollé

Hidden down a narrow backstreet, this is where you'll find Sarah’s marvellous hat-making workshop. Squeeze into her tiny boutique, jam-packed with bonnets, woolly winter numbers, top hats and other fancy headwear, a…
Food in Reims

Maison Fossier

You either love or hate the biscuits roses de Reims, pink ladyfinger sponge biscuits that have been doing the rounds since Maison Fossier perfected them in 1756 and swiftly became supplier to the king. Buy them here…
Wine in Reims

Vins CPH

Shop for wines the way savvy locals do. At the end of the courtyard, head down into the cellar for a huge selection (some 1000 vintages are on offer), including over 150 Champagnes.
Food & Drinks in Reims

Terroir des Rois

Stock up on Champagne, preserves, wine, macarons, biscuits roses and other regional treats at this welcoming shop near the cathedral.
Cheese in Épernay

La Cloche à Fromage

Has been selling fromage for over a century.