Carpentras attractions

Top Choice Synagogue in Carpentras

Synagogue de Carpentras

Carpentras’ remarkable synagogue dates from 1367 and is the oldest still in use in France. Although Jews were initially welcomed into papal territory, by the 17th century they had to live in ghettos in Avignon, Carp…
Top Choice Historic Site in Carpentras

Arc Romain

Hidden behind Cathédrale St-Siffrein, the Arc Romain was built under Augustus in the 1st century AD and is decorated with worn carvings of enslaved Gauls.
Cathedral in Carpentras

Cathédrale St-Siffrein

Carpentras’ cathedral was built between 1405 and 1519 in meridional Gothic style, but is crowned by a distinctive contemporary bell tower. Its Trésor d’Art Sacré (Treasury of Religious Art) holds precious 14th- to 1…