Top Choice Area in Carcassonne

La Cité

Built on a steep spur of rock, Carcassonne’s rampart-ringed fortress dates back over two millennia. The fortified town is encircled by two sets of battlements and 52 stone towers, topped by distinctive ‘witch’s hat’…
Castle in Carcassonne

Château Comtal

To actually walk on La Cité's ramparts, you have to pay to enter the Château Comtal, a keep built for the viscounts of Carcassonne during the 12th century. Admission includes access to the keep’s rooms and a section…
Bridge in Carcassonne


Though it’s only one of several bridges spanning the Aude River, the Pont-Vieux is by far the oldest and prettiest. It was built during the 14th century to provide a quick link between Carcassonne’s lower and upper …
Basilica in Carcassonne

Basilique St-Nazaire

Carcassonne's basilica is worth a peek for its soaring Gothic transept and vivid rose windows. Often, traditional plain chant can be heard inside.
Gate in Carcassonne

Porte Narbonnaise

The main gateway to La Cité, Porte Narbonnaise leads into the citadel’s interior, a maze of cobbled lanes and courtyards, now mostly lined by shops and restaurants.
Gate in Carcassonne

Porte d’Aude

The castle’s second gate, Porte d'Aude, was partly destroyed in 1816 and no longer has its drawbridge.