Shopping Local in Cannes

When it comes to shopping with taste, forget Chanel, Gucci and the gaggle of other designer fashion houses strutting their desirable stuff down Cannes' catwalk-like streets.

The insider scoop is Fromagerie Ceneri – the only place in Cannes to shop for cheese and dairy products. With cowbells strung from the wooden ceiling and a stunning array of cheeses, this master fromager-affineur (cheesemonger and ripener), in business since 1968, is a rare and precious breed on the Riviera. Its selection of chèvre (goats cheese) from Provence is second to none, as is its cheese board from elsewhere in France.

For local folklore, hit Marché Forville, Cannes' busy food market, a couple of blocks back from the port. It dates to 1934 and remains one of the region's key markets. On Monday the fresh fruit, veg, fish and meat stalls are replaced by an all-day brocante (flea market).

Simultaneously indulge your inner fashionista and your inner foodie with a pair of chocolate stiletto heels from JP Paci. Artisan chocolatier Jean-Patrice also crafts perfectly formed rounds of Camembert cheese, ravioli squares, red roses, tool boxes and flower pots out of chocolate – all to sweet realist perfection.