Worth a Trip: Pointe de la Revellata

Thrill your senses with a short scenic drive west along the coastal D81B (signposted ‘Route de Porto – bord de mer’ from just below Calvi’s citadel) to Pointe de la Revellata, the nearest point on Corsica to the French mainland. Within seconds of leaving town, you’re deep in the hot, sun-baked maquis, with only a low stone wall separating white-knuckled passenger from the scrubby green drop down to the sparkling emerald water far below. Suddenly, after 4km, the majestic cape pops into view, with a toy-like white lighthouse at its tip, and dusty walking trails etched in ginger. Park in the lay-by, then walk downhill for 20 minutes for a lunch of grilled seafood and salad at Mar A Beach, a Robinson Crusoe–style beach hut beside Plage de l’Alga; call ahead to check it’s open, and make a booking.

To enjoy even better views of the bay of Calvi, drive another 1.5km uphill (signposted) towards Chapelle Notre Dame de la Serra.