Tourist Information in Honfleur

Tourist Office

Has a free map detailing three enjoyable walking circuits, audioguides (€5, in English, French and German) for a walking tour of town, and bus schedules. Situated a long block southeast of the Vieux Bassin, inside t…
Tourist Information in Caen

Tourist Office

Helpful and efficient, with good regional insight (including visiting villages, cider farms and cheesemakers in the countryside). Also arranges (French-language only) guided tours (€7) to Château de Caen and the old…
Tourist Information in Longues-sur-Mer

Longues Tourist Office

Has details on guided tours (adult/child €5/3) to the German artillery batteries at Longues-sur-Mer, available on weekends from April to October (and daily in July and August). View the excellent website for a full …
Tourist Information in Bayeux

Tourist Office

This office covers both Bayeux and the surrounding Bessin region, including the D-Day beaches. It provides a walking-tour map of town and bus and train schedules, and sells books on the D-Day landings in English.
Tourist Information in Trouville-sur-Mer

Trouville Tourist Office

Has a free map of Trouville and sells map-brochures for two self-guided architectural tours (€4) of town and also two rural walks (€1) of 7km and 11km. It's situated 200m north of pont des Belges.
Tourist Information in Deauville

Deauville Tourist Office

Has a walking tour brochure with a Deauville map. The website has details on cultural events and horse races. Situated very near the train station on quai de la Gare.
Post in Honfleur

Post Office

This handy post office is located straight up from the Vieux Bassin – take rue de la République, which turns into cours Albert Manuel.
Bank in Honfleur

Bureau de Change

This currency exchange office is just up the road from the tourist office.
Post in Deauville

Deauville Post Office

Exchanges currency. Situated around 500m west of the tourist office.
Post in Bayeux

Post Office

Changes foreign currency.