Cahors attractions

Top Choice Bridge in Cahors

Pont Valentré

The seven-span Pont Valentré, on the western side of the city, south of the train station, is one of France’s most iconic medieval bridges, built as part of the town’s defences in the 14th century. The parapets proj…
Top Choice Cathedral in Cahors

Cathédrale St-Étienne

The airy nave of Cahors’ Romanesque cathedral, consecrated in 1119, is topped by two cupolas (at 18m wide, the largest in France). Some of the frescoes are from the 14th century, but the side chapels and carvings in…
Architecture in Cahors

Tour du Pape Jean XXII

The Tour du Pape Jean XXII (closed to the public) is the town’s tallest building at 34m high. It was originally part of a 14th-century mansion belonging to Jacques Duèse (later Pope John XXII), who constructed the P…
Museum in Cahors

Musée de la Résistance

Cahors was a base for the resistance during WWII. Look for displays on local hero Hélène Metges who died for the cause. As of mid-2018, the museum was closed indefinitely for renovation.
Museum in Cahors

Musée Henri Martin

Displays include works by the Cahors-born pointillist painter Henri Martin (1893–1972). It is closed for renovation through at least 2019.