Top Choice Memorial in Caen

Le Mémorial – Un Musée pour la Paix

For a very insightful and vivid account of the entire war, with special focus on the Battle of Normandy, Le Mémorial is unparalleled – it's one of Europe’s premier WWII museums. A hugely impressive affair, the museu…
Chateau in Caen

Château de Caen

Looming above the centre of the city, Caen’s magnificent castle walls – massive battlements overlooking a now dry moat – were established by William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy, in 1060. Visitors can walk around…
Abbey in Caen


Caen’s most important medieval site is the Men’s Abbey – now city hall – and, right next door, the magnificent, multi-turreted Église St-Étienne (St Stephen’s Church), with its Romanesque nave, Gothic choir and Will…
Abbey in Caen


Highlights at the Women’s Abbey complex in the east of the town centre, once run by the Benedictines, includes Église de la Trinité – look for Matilda’s tomb behind the main altar and the striking pink stained-glass…
Gallery in Caen

Musée des Beaux-Arts

This excellent and well-curated museum takes you on a tour through the history of Western art from the 15th to 21st centuries, including works depicting landscapes and interiors found around Normandy. The collection…
Museum in Caen

Musée de Normandie

A handy primer for fathoming the character of the region, this two-part museum situated within the former Logis des Gouverneurs in the Château de Caen displays and illustrates traditional life in Normandy and its hi…
Church in Caen

Église St-Georges

Doubling as a very useful tourist information centre, this medieval church within the Château de Caen has gorgeous stained-glass works as well as several interactive exhibitions that delve into the past. The church …
Ruins in Caen


The castle's vast 12th-century donjon (keep) was pretty much destroyed after the French Revolution in the late 18th century, so little remains today except its foundations and other vestiges of its once mighty form.
Church in Caen

Église St-Jean

An earlier 12th-century church stood at this site where this 15th-century church stands today, with its beautiful stained-glass windows. The church was badly damaged after D-Day and later restored.
Historic Building in Caen

Maison des Quatrans

The 15th-century Maison des Quatrans is one of only two prewar buildings left in the city centre near Château de Guillaume le Conquérant, though it lost a room to allied bombing.