Top Wine Regions

Burgundy's red and white wines, especially those of the Côte d'Or vineyards, which comprise Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune, are world-famous. But don't forget to leave room in your itinerary for a few of the other more laid-back appellations. Charming Irancy is a favourite tasting region for many locals. Nearby Chablis, with its crisp white wines, is wonderful on a hot summer day. To really get off the beaten path, head to the Mâconnais and Châtillonnais vineyards.

Although Burgundy is covered in vineyards, not many areas offer organised tours of the wineries. The best hubs for picking up a tour are Dijon, Beaune and Chablis.

Don't Miss: Top Celtic Sites

  • Museum of Celtic Civilisation Bibracte, the ruins of the capital city of the Aedui people, puts the Celts centre stage at this excellent museum.
  • Alésia Visit the fine historical museum, then step outside onto the very battlefield where Julius Caesar defeated Vercingétorix, chief of the Gauls.
  • Musée du Pays Châtillonnais Trésor de Vix, a stunning collection of Celtic, Greek and Etruscan objects, is the focus of this museum in Châtillon-sur-Seine.
  • Musée Archéologique The Celtic goddess Sequana is one of the highlights of this Dijon museum.
  • Sacred springs and Celtic sanctuaries Include Fontaines Salées near Vézelay, Fosse Dionne in Tonnerre and Source de la Douix in Châtillon-sur-Seine.