Must-see attractions in Burgundy

  • Église St-Michel

    Originally Gothic, this church subsequently underwent a façade-lift operation in which it was given a richly ornamented Renaissance west front. Its two…

  • Hôtel Chambellan

    The 17th-century Hôtel Chambellan is one of many noble buildings along rue des Forges. Alas, its most interesting feature, a courtyard with a splendid…

  • Tour des Prisons

    The striking late-15th-century Tour des Prisons is the lone remaining tower from the original stone fortifications surrounding Auxerre's medieval Abbaye…

  • Cathédrale St-Bénigne

    Built over the tomb of St Benignus (believed to have brought Christianity to Burgundy in the 2nd century), Dijon's Burgundian Gothic–style cathedral was…

  • Église St-Martin

    The 12th- and 13th-century Gothic Église St-Martin, first founded in the 9th century by monks fleeing the Norman attacks on Tours, is two short blocks…

  • Château de Savigny

    Drop in for wine tasting and stay to see the unexpected collection of race cars, motorcycles, airplanes and fire trucks. Last admission is 90 minutes…

  • Collégiale Notre Dame

    A stained-glass window (1927) and a plaque commemorating American soldiers who fell in France in WWI are inside this twin-towered, Gothic collegiate…

  • Petit Pontigny

    The 12th-century cellar of Petit Pontigny (viewable from the exterior only) was once used by Pontigny's Cistercian monks to ferment wine.

  • Hôtel de Ville

    Flanked by colourful half-timbered buildings, Auxerre's town hall forms the centrepiece of the medieval centre's most attractive square.

  • Église St-Pierre

    Marked by Gothic architectural elements, this church between the river and the medieval centre is a prominent Auxerre landmark.

  • Église St-Eusèbe

    Presided over by a 12th-century bell tower, this church is a convenient landmark in Auxerre's medieval centre.

  • Grosse Tour

    This massive early-16th-century tower is a prominent landmark along Beaune's southern ramparts.

  • Hôtel de Ville

    Dijon's town hall sits smack in the middle of the Palais des Ducs et des États de Bourgogne.

  • Tour Blondeau

    Dating to 1465, this tower is a prominent landmark along Beaune's eastern ramparts.

  • Église Notre Dame

    This 13th-century Gothic church sits just across from the tourist office.

  • Tour de Bar

    This squat 14th-century tower once served as a prison.