Brittany is one of France's culinary powerhouses. A region rich in seafood, dairy products (world-famous butter, which the Bretons serve with bread at every meal), beer and cider – what's not to love? Of course, Brittany is also famous for its crêpes and galettes (made from buckwheat flour). Another speciality is the agneau de pré-salé, which is local lamb with a distinct, savoury flavour, due to grazing on salty meadows.

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Feature: Breton Crêpes

Crêpes and galettes are Brittany's traditional staple and are ubiquitous throughout the region. These large thin pancakes are made by spreading batter on a hot griddle. Crêpes are made with ordinary froment (wheat flour), while galettes are made using sarrasin or blé noir (buckwheat flour). The classic galette filling is galette complète (ham, egg and cheese), but there are plenty of more original combinations. Crêpes are often eaten as a sweet dessert or snack, slathered in jam, stuffed with fruit or drowned in ice cream and chocolate sauce. Unlike the rolled-up crêpes sold at stalls on Paris' street corners, Breton crêpes and galettes are folded envelope-style at the edges, served flat on a plate and eaten using cutlery.