Top Choice Food in Bordeaux


This artisan fromager and crémier is a sheer delight for local foodies who shop here for boutique cheeses and creamy yellow butter hand-moulded in fat curvaceous patties near Nantes. Don't miss the demi-sel croquant…
Top Choice Food & Drinks in Bordeaux

Le Comptoir Bordelaise

Rev up your taste buds in this gourmet boutique selling local and regional food and drink specialities. Be tempted by local cheese, canalés (sandcastle-shaped cakes from Bordeaux), bouchons de Bordeaux (cork-shaped …
Food in Bordeaux


Canelés – a sandcastle-shaped, vanilla-infused fluted cake typical to Bordeaux – is the sweet speciality of this cake shop inside the Marché et Galere Grands Hommes shopping centre. A box of six costs €19.80. Bailla…
Food in Bordeaux

Les Dock des Épices

For red Sauternes- or Syrah-flavoured rock salt, fleur de sel from Île de Ré and Bordeaux tea look no further than this incredible spice shop and upmarket épicerie (grocery).