• Basilique St-Seurin Delving into the city's most ancient heart in this Romanesque church's fascinating crypts and necropolis.
  • Palais Gallien Travelling back in time to the Roman city of Burdigala with the evocative remains of this imposing amphitheatre.
  • Café Baillardran Learning how to make Bordeaux's signature cake – syrupy sweet, sandcastle-shaped canelés – at a Saturday-morning cookery class on 18th-century place Gambetta.
  • Château Labottière Savouring a sumptuous taste of chateau life and contemporary art during an exhibition at the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez.
  • La Grande Poste Catching stand-up comedy, theatre, a live gig or Sunday brunch in this art-deco post office-turned-happening cultural centre and lifestyle space.