Euro (€)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than €130

  • Dorm bed: €18–30
  • Double room in a budget hotel: €90
  • Admission to many attractions first Sunday of month: free
  • Lunch menus (set meals): less than €20
  • Public transport: €1.60–7.50

Midrange: €130–220

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: €90–190
  • Lunch menus in gourmet restaurants: €20–40
  • Car hire: €35–80

Top end: More than €220

  • Double room in a top-end hotel: €190–350
  • Top restaurant dinner: menu €65, à la carte €100–150
  • Opera tickets: €15–150


With the exception of the odd haggle at the market, little bargaining goes on in France.


You'll find ATMs at the post office at the seaward end of the citadel, and at the Société Générale bank down by the marina.