Blois restaurants

Gastronomy in Blois

L’Orangerie du Château

This Michelin-starred restaurant serves cuisine gastronomique inventive inspired by both French tradition and culinary ideas brought from faraway lands. The excellent wine list comes on a tablet computer. For desser…
French in Blois

Les Banquettes Rouges

Easy to spot thanks to its bright-red façade, this restaurant proudly serves French semi-gastronomique cuisine. Favourites often available here include pan-fried veal liver with morello-cherry and bitter-orange grav…
Grill in Blois

Le Triboulet

Succulent beef, mutton and andouillette sausages, grilled on an open wood fire right in the dining room, keep connoisseurs coming back to this traditional French restaurant and its spacious terrace. Dishes are made …
Italian in Blois

Les Planches

Hidden away on a tiny stone-paved square, Les Planches is a Blois favourite for its toasted bruschettas (open-face Italian sandwiches) and meal-size salads. Romantic, with a purple light on each table. It stays open…
Market in Blois

Food Market

The perfect place to assemble a picnic.
Bouchon in Blois

Au Bouchon Lyonnais

A warm, homey place to dine, with maroon-checked tablecloths and traditional Lyon-style decor. The food is pure Lyonnais, too: andouillette (sausage), quenelles (pike dumplings), escargots (snails) and salade lyonna…
Bistro in Blois

Le Coup de Fourchette

Simple, delectable French cuisine maison (home cooking) is dished up with a smile in this mod eatery with a warm-season terrace. Offers some of Blois’ best cheaper eats.