Top Choice French in Biarritz

Restaurant Le Pim'pi

A small and resolutely old-fashioned place unfazed by all the razzamatazz around it. The daily specials are chalked up on a blackboard – most are of the classic French bistro style but are produced with such unusual…
Market in Biarritz

Les Halles

Biarritz' lovely covered market is the place to come for picnic ingredients.
Seafood in Biarritz

Chez Albert

If you want your fish fresh off the boat, then this venerable place down by the old port is just the ticket – you can literally watch the catch being landed straight off the quay here. As you'd expect, the majestic …
Cafe in Biarritz

Milwaukee Café

A little dose of Americana cafe culture is on offer here – burgers, salads, smoothies and health shakes, followed up by delicious cupcakes and proper barista-made coffees. It's light, fresh and bright inside, and po…
Basque in Biarritz


This is one of those places, hidden down an alley and in a cave-like building, that's so discreet that only a local could have pointed it out to you. Despite the less-than-obvious look to the place, it has a stellar…
Tapas in Biarritz

Le Comptoir du Foie Gras/Maison Pujol

This quirky place morphs from a shop selling jars of outstanding foie gras in the day to a tapas bar in the evening. Needless to say the tapas are foie gras–heavy, but it also has more vegetarian-suitable options. I…
Basque in Biarritz

Le Clos Basque

One of Biarritz' more traditional tables, with a sweet front patio sheltered by climbing plants and an awning. The menu is proudly Basque, so expect classic dishes such as axoa (mashed veal, onions and tomatoes spic…
Tapas in Biarritz

Bar Jean

One of the oldest tapas venues in town (in business since the '30s), traditional and full of atmosphere – from the flamenco soundtrack to the Andalucian murals. Try the calamari rings wrapped around a stack of lardo…
Tapas in Biarritz

La Cave À Manger des Contrabandiers

Attached to a wine shop, this trendy spot opposite the covered market is great for an imaginative spin on tapas traditionals – try the Txirula sausage and the jambon/lomo/chorizo platter.
Tapas in Biarritz

Puig & Daro

This market-side place serves an impressive selection of hams, cheeses, wines and, our favourite, sardines in oil. There's a raised wooden outdoor terrace for the hot nights.