Biarritz attractions

Beach in Biarritz

Grande Plage

Grand by name, grand by nature, Biarritz’ vast main beach has been the place at which to be seen since the days of Napoléon II and Eugénie. It's wall to wall with bodies on summer days, and dramatically deserted in …
Museum in Biarritz

Cité de l'Océan

Biarritz' splashiest sea-themed attraction is part museum, part theme park and part educational centre. It takes a fun approach to learning about the sea in all its forms – attractions range from a chance to explore…
Aquarium in Biarritz

Musée de la Mer

Housed in a wonderful art deco building near the old port, Biarritz' Musée de la Mer is seething with underwater life from the Bay of Biscay and beyond, including huge aquariums of sharks, playful grey seals and tro…
Museum in Biarritz

Musée d'Art Asiatica

Out on the edge of town is this unexpected treasure trove of ancient Indian, Chinese and Tibetan statues, monuments and temple artwork. The layout is a bit haphazard, but the information cards (in several languages)…
Viewpoint in Biarritz

Rocher de la Vierge

If the swell's big, you might get a drenching as you cross the toy-town-like footbridge (closed in high wind) at the end of Pointe Atalaye to Rocher de la Vierge, named after its white statue of the Virgin and child…
Church in Biarritz

Chapelle Impériale

Built in 1864 on the instructions of Empress Eugénie, this glitzy church mixes Byzantine and Moorish styles, and the plaza in front has a superb view of the Grande Plage. Buy tickets on the tourist office website to…
Lighthouse in Biarritz

Phare de Biarritz

Climbing the 258 twisting steps inside the 73m-high Phare de Biarritz, the town’s 1834 lighthouse, rewards you with sweeping views of the Basque coast. Tickets available at the French-language version of www.anglet-…
Beach in Biarritz

Plages d'Anglet

North of Pointe St-Martin, the adrenaline-pumping surfing beaches of Anglet (the final 't' is pronounced) continue northwards for more than 4km. Take bus 10 from the bottom of av Verdun (just near av Édouard VII).
Beach in Biarritz

Plage Miramar

A little bit north of the Grande Plage, on the way to the lighthouse, plage Miramar is packed on summer days.
Beach in Biarritz

Plage de Marbella

Plage de Marbella is about 2km south of Port Vieux. Bus 10 or 13 heading south will get you here.