Besançon in detail

Flights & getting there

Besançon, 80km east of Dijon and 140km north of Geneva, is well connected by road and rail to regional destinations (and beyond).

Car & Motorcycle

Parking Rodia Over 200 free places, across the river from and about 1km to the southeast of the centre. Rodia is linked to the centre and the citadel by bus 27 (€1.40, find schedules on


The train station, Gare Besançon-Viotte, is 800m north (up the hill) from northern edge of the city centre. Buy tickets online ( or at the Boutique SNCF.

Services include the following (direct unless stated otherwise):

DestinationPrice ()DurationFrequency
Arc-et-Senans525min18 daily
Arbois1040min13 daily
Belfort151hrone or two per hr
Dijon15-221hrtwo or three per hr
Paris-Gare de Lyon56-902½-3¼hrthree direct (10 via Dijon)

Connections to major cities are often cheaper and/or quicker from Gare TGV Besançon Franche-Comté, on the TGV line linking Dijon with Mulhouse. Situated 10km northwest of the centre, it's a 15-minute hop by train from Gare Besançon-Viotte (€5, every one or two hours).

To reach Geneva (Switzerland) by train (from €61, three to 5½ hours), you'll need to change in Dole or Lyon Part Dieu.