Avignon Passion

An excellent-value discount card, Avignon Passion yields cheaper admission to big-hitter museums and monuments in Avignon and Villeneuve-lès-Avignon. The first site visited is full price, but each subsequent site is discounted. The reduction depends on each museum, but the discount is at least €1 (it gives you €2 off full price at the Palais des Papes, for example). For maximum savings, pay full price at one of the cheaper museums like the Musée Lapidaire, and benefit from the discount at more expensive ones such as the Palais des Papes and Pont St-Bénézet.

The pass is free and valid for 15 days. It covers a couple of tours too, and is available at the tourist office and at museums.

Rue des Teinturiers

Canalside rue des Teinturiers (literally ‘street of dyers’) is a picturesque pedestrian street known for its alternative vibe in Avignon’s old dyers' district. A hive of industrial activity until the 19th century, populated by weavers and tapestry-makers, the street today is renowned for its bohemian bistros, cafes and gallery-workshops. Stone ‘benches’ in the shade of ancient plane trees make the perfect perch to ponder the irresistible trickle of the River Sorgue, safeguarded since the 16th century by Chapelle des Pénitents Gris. Those in the know dine at L’Ubu, with a tiny, daily-changing menu chalked on the blackboard.