Top Choice Gallery in Arles

Fondation Vincent Van Gogh

Housed in a listed 15th-century manor, now twice repurposed (its other incarnation was as a bank), this Van Gogh–themed gallery is a must-see, as much for the architecture as the art. It has no permanent collection …
Top Choice Gallery in Arles

Musée Réattu

This superb 150-year-old museum, housed in an exquisitely renovated 15th-century Hospitaller priory by the Rhone, might be assumed old-fashioned, yet its modern collection is truly top-notch. Among its holdings are …
Museum in Arles

Musée Départemental Arles Antique

This striking cobalt-blue museum perches on the edge of what used to be the Roman chariot-racing track (hippodrome), southwest of central Arles. The collection of pagan and Christian finds includes stunning mosaics …
Gallery in Arles

Espace Van Gogh

The 16th-century hospital where Van Gogh had his ear stitched on and was later locked up hosts the occasional exhibition (which attracts an entry fee). At other times, its small courtyard garden, modelled on Van Gog…
Museum in Arles

Museon Arlaten

Arles' cultural museum, founded all the way back in 1889 with the intent of documenting regional culture, styles and creators, is closed for renovations until 2019.