Beach in Arcachon

Plage d’Arcachon

In the delightful Ville d'Été (Summer Quarter), Arcachon's deep sandy beach, Plage d'Arcachon, is flanked by two piers. Lively Jetée Thiers is at the western end, from where boats yo-yo across the water to Cap Ferre…
Area in Arcachon

Ville d’Hiver

On the tree-covered hillside south of the Ville d'Été, the century-old Ville d'Hiver (Winter Quarter) has more than 300 villas, many decorated with delicate wood tracery, ranging in style from neoGothic through to c…
Aquarium in Arcachon


In a wooden shack opposite the casino, this aquarium has a small collection of Atlantic fish in floodlit tanks.