Top Choice Cathedral in Amiens

Cathédrale Notre Dame

The largest Gothic cathedral in France (it's 145m long) and a Unesco World Heritage Site, this magnificent edifice was begun in 1220 to house the skull of St John the Baptist. Connoisseurs of architecture rave about…
Museum in Amiens

Maison de Jules Verne

Jules Verne (1828–1905) wrote some of his best-known works of brain-tingling – and eerily prescient – science fiction under the eaves of this turreted home, where he lived from 1882 to 1900. The models, prints, post…
Museum in Amiens

Musée de Picardie

Housed in a dashing Second Empire structure (1855–67) with a jaw-droppingly impressive central room, the Picardy Museum is surprisingly well endowed with archaeological exhibits, medieval art and Revolution-era cera…
Tower in Amiens

Tour Perret

Long the tallest building in western Europe, the reinforced concrete Perret Tower (110m), facing the train station, was designed by Belgian architect Auguste Perret (who also planned postwar Le Havre) and completed …
Tower in Amiens

Beffroi d'Amiens

Constructed in the early 1400s, Amiens' massive square belfry has a mid-18th-century top that was rebuilt after it was damaged in 1940 by German bombing.