Alsace is interwoven with 2500km of bike trails. Bicycles can be taken on virtually all regional TER trains (but not SNCF buses). A good resource for cyclists is Alsace à velo (, with maps, and itinerary and accommodation suggestions, plus practical info on where to rent and repair bikes.

Car & Motorcycle

The A31 connects Metz and Nancy with Luxembourg to the north and Dijon to the south. The Massif des Vosges gets snowy in winter, so winter tyres and/or chains may be required.


TER regional trains and TGV high-speed trains make up the region's fast and efficient rail network. Getting between major towns and cities is straightforward, but train services thin out in rural Alsace, where small towns and villages are connected by just a handful of buses, often making getting around by car a quicker, easier option.

Those aged 12 to 26 can get 30% to 70% off all regional rail travel with an annual Carte Primo (€20). The great-value Carte Presto, available for those aged 26 and over, costs €30 for a year and yields similar substantial discounts.