Food in Strasbourg

La Cloche à Fromage Boutique

Sells creamy Tomme, ripe Camembert and other first-rate cheeses.
Food in Colmar

Les Foie Gras de Liesel

Marco and Marianne Willmann produce the silkiest, most subtly flavoured goose and duck foie gras in town. Check out their tastings to enjoy it with fresh bread, fig chutney and a glass of Gewürztraminer or pinot gri…
Food in Strasbourg

Le Goût du Terroir

Just try to resist this little shop, where cheese whiz Willy Leproust will tempt you in with his impeccable selection of regional fromage and saucisson sec (salami). Try some before you buy.
Food & Drinks in Nancy

L'Épicerie du Goût

This family-run grocery store on the edge of the old town is crammed with Lorraine delicacies. Cheeses, smoked saucisson, macarons, mirabelles (plums) in every guise, beer, preserves – you'll find it all here.