Alès attractions

Gardens in Alès

Bambouseraie de Prafrance

It’s more than 160 years since the first shoots of this rambling, mature bamboo grove were planted by a spice merchant returning from the tropics. Here in Générargues, 12km southwest of Alès, 150 bamboo species as w…
Museum in Alès

Musée du Désert

In the village of Le Mas Soubeyran (17km west of Alès), this intriguing museum traces the history of the Camisard revolt, a bloody religious struggle that raged in the early 1700s between the Catholic armies of Loui…
Farm in Alès

La Caracole

Delving into ‘the astonishing, exciting world of the snail’, this working snail farm 12km north of Alès has a simple museum devoted to the slimy creatures, and runs guided tours followed by the obligatory snail-tast…